Basics Of Small Business Advertising

Basics Of Small Business Advertising

In this course we will talk about why your small business is missing out on a gold mine of opportunity with facebook ads

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Getting started with This course could be the best thing you do for your business all year. I am so confident this course will help you not only bring in my clients. But flat out explode your business. In this course i will go over setting up a page, To art work the proper way. To Installing a Tracking Pixel. 


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The path to becoming an expert Is just a matter of doing it, and learning from someone who does do it day in day out. I Know without a doubt i can Help Your Business with all these steps in the course. And we have a private group as well to help with any questions in the course. This will be the best money you spend all year.



  • My goal is to help you

Setting Up Shop


  • Setting Up Your Page
  • If Your Stuck Lets Talk

Create Stunning Page


  • In this course you will learn just how easy it is to get ahead of everyone else
  • In this section we will talk about how to setup stunning posts

How to Do a Proper Post


  • How To Do A Proper Post That Converts

Installing a Pixel


  • Here we go over how to install a pixel
  • In this section we will go and install a Facebook Pixel and why you need it.
  • Did not quiet get it? I am Here

How To Install a pixel On Your Site


  • In this section i will go over how to install a Facebook Pixel On your site

How to get More Fans------Cheap


  • In this Video i will show you how to build a massive fans base

Create A Audience


  • Learn How To Create A Audience

Let Me Save You 50K


  • I am going to save you in this section, and at the same time crush your competitor.

Create A Ad


  • We Will Talk About How To Create A Ad That Converts

Create A Call Only Campaign


  • In This Section We Will Create A Call Only Campaign

Someone Is Sell This For $1000 Dollars


  • You Will Generate A Massive Following With This Trick
  • Follow Up With Facebook Page Likes
  • Questions?

Getting Verified


  • Get Your Facebook Page Verified
  • Disclaimer

About Your Instructor

Fred Skaff

Fred Skaff

Let's get those new clients

I have owned brick and motor business in the past, and one thing i always needed was better marketing. Marketing is the back bone to any business, with out those new clients you will be out of business fast. Let me help you with your business no matter the niche your in, you will get those new clients everyday with this class.


Facebook Business Page Set Up

Getting Verified

Common Mistakes

Creating Audience

Setting Up a Pixel

Get More Fans


This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.
Sue Cross SUEper Clean
This is the only resource to Help Me Get Going
Bob Huttinga Bestselling Author
If you need a challenge, this is the course for you!
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